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Feeder Race Report

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July 13, 2010 posted by admin

9pm Monday July 12, 2010

Diane reports: Kingston to Bowmanville: breeze out of the west and blowing a pleasant 8-10 knots all the way! Sunday saw much the same as Saturday. We did lots of tacking back and forth. Although Philippe Laville on Pogo Loco pulled miles away out of sight, Nathan Baron on Boy’s and Girl’s Club and I got some great opportunities to really compare notes on trim, shape and performance.

It turns out that with my Genoa I can’t point as high as Nathan can with his jib. Nathan doesn’t have a Genoa for comparisons. It was a great argument at 10 knots for point vs speed on headsail choices. Ultimately speed won and although I kept dropping below, the speed put the pedal to the metal and got me ahead.

Then around Bowmanville the breeze completely eased and backed. Woo hoo code zero up! Then came Big Blue the biggest kite we carry. Then it got really light.

Funny, over the horizon I see Nathan approaching. Ah… the iron genny has been deployed! Now the motoring race was on. Wait a minute? Bowmanville…! Minis don’t carry that much fuel… Do they? Do we? Turns out you can motor with a 3.5 or a 4 hp engine from Bowmanville to Port Credit with 9.75 litres of fuel of the 10 litres of fuel you have onboard!

Great race guys! I think the Pogo won on “speed in the three handed demonstration” division, OGOC won on the “massive sail area and speed” division and Boys and Girls Club won on the “smartest lets motor” division!

This weekend we’ll really see how the boats perform. Hopefully I will be able to get my autopilot working by then. It decided about Bowmanville to commit suicide and refuse to play with the rest of the kids! Don’t forget that we will have a regular tracker for the boat for the Lake Ontario 300 and you will be able to see all the boats racing and draw comparisons along the way. Have a great week everyone!

Tim again – once the LO300 has started, I’ll get some instructions about following the race with the Kattack tracking system. First start is 11am Saturday.

3am – Arrived Pt. Credit Yacht Club

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July 12, 2010 posted by admin

Monday July 12

The spot tracker shows Diane arriving PCYC at 3am.

It Is A Great Battle

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July 11, 2010 posted by admin

Sunday July 11, 2010

At 2pm Diane writes: Nathan got it back last night but I have just come out from under him. He was to weather on port tack inside and I was protecting the right, anticipating it going right. Instead it’s going left. Since I have a bigger main and headsail it’s a bit unfair.

I’ve been able to ease sheets and drive up and now on the rhumb line. Time for lunch. Lasagna! So to speak. Otherwise known as slop in a bag ;-). 58nm to go and maybe the code zero in my fiuture!

The Spot Tracker is providing updates.

Shore Effects

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July 11, 2010 posted by admin

8:41am Sunday July 11, 2010

Diane’s update runs:
Hope you’re waking up happy. Last night was a good night. It got quite light as the sun went down and the night breeze built in about 1030 as usual. I passed Nathan, but then between naps I lost track of him. The Pogo took off at the start and we haven’t seen him since.

This morning I think Nathan is doing middle of the lake, slightly behind but to weather of me. I’m doing shoreline for the shore effect and anticipation of holes further out. I dunno… bit of a crap shoot really.

Still genoa and still on the nose. Bearing is 270° and I’m doing 315°ish at about 4 knots. At this rate we may have to have rations air lifted in ha ha ha.

About 8am this morning, Diane was south of Colborne (between Cobourg & Brighton). You can follow along on the Spot Tracker.

11pm Saturday July 10, 2010

Tim again. The three minis started their race about 10am this morning at K9 just off Kingston. Nathan Baron is the skipper of Boy’s and Girl’s Club. Both Nathan and Diane are single handed. The third boat is Pogo Logo skippered by Philippe Laville with two crew mates for a total of three.

At 8pm, Diane writes: Nathan is just to weather of me, and unfortunately he read the playbook on covering. Phillippe on the other hand has horizon jobbed us. That ls ok as he’s in the demonstration triple handed division. Yes three onboard. We have our jib and main up. Course is uphill to Pt. Petre.

Dinner time gotta go. Dinner is scalloped potatoes a la freeze dried. Then a significant amount of caffeine.

You can continue to follow Diane on the spot tracker. At 11pm, they’re just south of Price Edward County tacking into the westerly wind. We’ll see what progress the morning brings on their race to Pt. Credit.

9am, Saturday July 10, 2010

Diane is on the water – first ping at 8:55am – with Tim posting this update.

Following last week’s Mini clinic in Kingston, the three minis have organized a feeder race. A “mini Mini” as it were. The boats will all be particiapating in next weekend’s Lake Ontario 300, which starts in Pt. Credit.

Diane is just heading out of Collins Bay, with new (di) lithium (crystal) batteries for the Spot Tracker so you can follow along. Diane’s morning missive runs:

It’s a friendly race from here [in] kingston and it might take forever in a dying westerly. Might take a couple of days. We’re going straight to pcyc. The spot tracker is officially bleeping so people can follow along.

I do not have any links to the location of the other competitors. If & when I find some, I’ll try to get an update out. If the meantime, I’m off to my own boat to drift in the dying westerly and sunshine.

Woohoo shorecrew!

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July 8, 2010 posted by admin

July 8, 2010
While training last weekend in Kingston, I managed to put a significant bend in my sprit pole.  Today, Paul has made a new one for OGOC, so we will be fully geared up for the  feeder race from Kingston to PCYC with a brand new sprit pole!  Thanks Paul 🙂  Looks like we might be heading out Friday night from Kingston.  Stay posted and I’ll let you know when we’re set to go!


The Best Shorecrew Anyone Could Ask For!

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July 5, 2010 posted by admin

July 5, 2010

One final kudos needs to go out to my amazing shorecrew. Yes that would be my husband Paul. Not only did he tolerate me being away for almost a month, but he then drove all night long after a full day’s work, and picked me up in the Chesapeake, then drove me to Kingston just so I could go play again for a weekend. The man deserves a medal!


Kingston Mini Clinic Update

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July 5, 2010 posted by admin

July 5, 2010

This past weekend played host to a mini clinic in Kingston.  Special thanks go out to Nathan  Baron for organizing such a great event.


The first picture is Nathan in fine form.  Click on the picture and go check out his website.  He’s campaigning to do the 2011 Transat race!  There were 4 minis that came out to train this weekend.  Nathan of course, the team of Nick and Andrei from Port Credit, Phillippe and Jean with Pogo Loco, and myself on OGOC.  Yes for all of you wondering, Nick was my sailing partner from the Bermuda Ocean Race.  He and Andrei are the owners of Competition yachts and are significant sponsors of One Girl’s Ocean Challenge.  The event was supported by Collins Bay Marina and Ribcraft.  The first pic below has Hub standing on the dock chatting with the boys.  Hub and Collins Bay Marina were wonderful with launching OGOC, stepping the mast and of course supporting the event by giving us great digs for the week!  The second picture below shows some of the coach boat team in their fantastic RIB craft coach boat.  You should really check these boats out…..definately have the right stuff!


And of course, here’s yours truly!

The weekend was amazing.  Saturday saw 20plus knots of traditional Kingston breeze.  We went out of Collins Bay past Mellville shoal.  First exercise was some upwind speed testing.  Nathan’s boat and OGOC are almost identical.  There are a few rigging differences, but they were built by the same company and are both a Zero.  Nathan carries a smaller fat head main and you could really see the difference in the upwind performance.  Then with some downwind sailing, we were able to see Nathan’s years of training come shining through.  He carried his code five easily and felt underpowered, while OGOC had a little difficulty with managing the sprit pole!  Nothing training can’t fix!  Meanwhile the Dix and Pogo Loco did some upwind stuff and it was interesting to see the differences between the two designs.  The Dix was able to stay flatter and carry their main very much bladed out.   Their sheeting angles though means they can’t sail quite as hi upwind as the rest of us.  The Pogo also showed their skills and kite flying abilities!  The rest of the day saw some racing and reaching.  Sunday was a little lighter in the breeze and we actually had to get towed in a few different directions to find that breeze.  Eventually it filled in a little and we played some “follow the leader”, and also did some fast circles to help increase our skills handling at start lines and at turning marks etc.  One other interesting note of the weekend was that Nathan and I did the clinic single handed and the others were two up.  It was a good skills training opportunity for Nathan and I to try to keep up through the maneuvres with the double handed guys.  I think we certainly held our own! 

On Friday July 9th, the Pogo, Nathan and I will be doing a feeder race from Kingston to PCYC.  You will be able to follow my spot tracker to see the fun.  I think Nathan’s spot tracker will also be working.  I’ll keep you posted on that.  Then the following weekend we three are doing the Lake Ontario 300.  It will be great to actually be racing against other Minis, rather than 35foot plus boats!  I really need to close this off with a thanks to Tim Hill.  You will notice that there aren’t any fancy links or stuff in my blog.  Tim has been amazing at making these blogs engaging for you guys and easy to click on links.  I definately see a training session in my future with Tim to get better at the posts!  In the meantime, hopefully I can coerse him with a few beveees to keep the feeder race and the Lake Ontario 300 up and live for you guys!