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The Night Before the Start of “Two”

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June 15, 2011 posted by admin

6pm Wednesday June 15, 2011

Well the final packing is complete, the weather routing is in, the garbage has been pulled from the boat and the potato chips have all been eaten! We’re ready to go.

We went for a walk on the beach today to enjoy a nice quiet moment before the mayhem begins! Mayhem? Yes, the start for the race will be here at St. George’s in the harbour. Then all 29 of us will be squeezing our way out through the Town Cut. Could be very interesting!

Then it’s North West to Newport. The weather pattern settling in is looking to be a significant high with a small front coming through in a few days. Basically the weather is going to continuously clock around us all the way to Newport. Nick and I figure it’s a “lake racer’s dream”: light, lumpy and disturbing. We’ve had 30+ years experience with this and we’re all psyched to put our experience in play. Looks like all the trackers are also in play so you can all follow along! 🙂

Have Fun and Stay Safe

Nick & Spinnakers Arriving Today

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June 14, 2011 posted by admin

10am Tuesday June 14, 2011

Just a short update. The mighty OGOC is ready to go: fuel is topped up, water jugs are full and Nick arrives this afternoon. The spinnakers are clearing customs and should be to the boat tomorrow.

Tonight we have a rum tasting, dinner and awards. Hopefully we’ll get a little sightseeing in for Nick before we head off on Thursday morning. The last piece is a weather update just before heading out. 😉

A Mini Tour of Bermuda

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June 13, 2011 posted by admin

June 13, 2011

Possibly one of the greatest scooter tours of Bermuda ever experienced!  “Dave’s Scooter Gang” took off from St. George’s and headed for the Dockyard.  Along the way we drove through Tucker’s Town to see how “the other half” live in their fancy gorgeous houses, made our way along the south shore to see some amazing beaches, checked out the Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, drove down part of the Railway Trail, through Somerset with the world’s smallest drawbridge and then in to the Dockyard.  Timing was perfect!  The museum was just closing, and our ferry ride back was an hour away.  The ferry took us back to Hamilton with our scooters packed on the stern and then we zoomed home.  Check out the pics!


A classic roadside view                                                                                     The South Shore Beaches


Gibb’s Lighthouse                                                        The World’s Smallest Drawbridge


The drawbridge is the little tiny block 10″ wide!                    The Dockyard – Launching area

 A small bit of the Naval Dockyard Fort

Today it’s raining like mad and blowing like stink!  Everyone seems to be hauled up in their mighty ships.  I’ll be studying the Gulf Stream and the weather patterns AND planning a nice little road trip for Nick and I either tomorrow or Wednesday.  Nick’s flight gets in tomorrow and then the race back starts on Thursday the 16th!


B 1 – 2 Road Warriors

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June 12, 2011 posted by admin

June 12, 2011
The Bermuda 1 -2 gang has been formed and we are slowly making our way across Bermuda spreading our word. Yesterday the scooter gang went trekking through some gorgeous caves. We were at low tide so you  could see huge sections of the stalactites, the famous Bermuda moss that is unique to the island, and some incredible colour formations.  The last stop on the cave walk was to a swimming hole.  The cave was probably about 15 feet deep with sea water and 15 feet of clearance overhead.  They tell me the water was cool and refreshing, but as I left my swim suit in Toronto, I opted to stay hi and dry 🙂


Then after a hearty Swizzle Inn lunch, the gang roared back to St. George’s.  Now there was another scheduled rum front and fish fry to come in early last night, so with a few hours left for work time, I finished splicing the sheets, went up the mast and checked the nav lights, rechecked all the rigging on my way down, and tidied up the mighty ship once again.  Upon my descent I got a round of applause from the peanut gallery on the balcony of the St. George’s Dinghy and Sports Club for a superb pole dance!  I think the bar was open 🙂  Today the road warriors are heading for the dockyards.  When Christian and I went the other day we didn’t have much time, so hopefully this time we’ll get to do a little exploring!  AND, hopefully I’ll be able to resurect my computer long enough to get some pictures posted for you all!

Stay Safe 🙂


Island Life

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June 11, 2011 posted by admin

7am Saturday June 11, 2011

Yesterday was a great day for doing a circumnavigation of the island. Heavily armed with food, a jet boil, Cliff bars and water we headed out to engage a mighty Oleander scooter. Hmmm. We were a little skeptical at first by the plume of smoke upon ignition. But the salesman assured us everything was fine as it was a 2 stroke. Even my old Johnson doesn’t smoke that much! After a few training laps around the compound we headed off to the south shore. The mission: to make it all the way to the dockyard, catch a ferry to Hamilton, stop in to customs for Christian (my scooter companion), then hit the Goslings store and zoom our way home for dinner.

Perfect plan… excellent execution. Until the first hill! We thought we were going to have to get off and push! Poor thing! Our little scooter tried her best for sure, but the old gal just doesn’t have much life left in her. We made it up the hill and the next and the next, but not without a lot of patience.

We toured our way around the island zooming past cyclists with great enthusiasm. Stopped for lunch in a nice little pub and hooked up the sat phone. Seems the sat phone had been taking lessons from the scooter… Eventually we got a signal and in turn, confirmation that the spinnakers had shipped for delivery to the mega yacht on Tuesday.

We made our way to the dockyards and caught the ferry over to Hamilton. Walked smartly up to customs for Christian to declare his boat would have a babysitter (me) for the days before his crew arrives. Christian is flying home tomorrow. When they asked for his paperwork, we said they just told us to come here. Fortunately the customs officer took pitty on us as he thought we needed some mental support for sailing single handed all the way here. He organized the paperwork.

One boat sorted and we were off to the supermarket, the Goslings store and home. Loaded with about 50lbs of food and drink we ooched our way up the last hill and coasted into the club. Armed with a bottle of Goslings, a can or two of ginger beer and sausages and burgers we finished off the night with a BBQ.

Oh yeah… still have some splicing to do and a mast to climb! Tomorrow 😉
Keep safe everyone

One Down….2 To Go!

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June 10, 2011 posted by admin

June 10, 2011
You guys are amazing! Glad you’re enjoying following along. Tim is doing a wonderful job of getting the posts out as my computer is pretty much a brick these days. Great if you’re breaking into a bank….not so great at communications! So far the winches have been stripped down, salt water rinsed, lines are being spliced and rum is being drunk. Tomorrow I get to play tour guide Barbie. After that a quick trip up the mast and a few little jobs, but nothing catastrophic! The spare spinnakers will ship out tomorrow from Newport so we’re fully armed for the run back. Don’t know what the weather is going to do yet, but we can’t risk not having the proper armaments!

Clearing Customs & Working on the Girl

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June 10, 2011 posted by admin

Thursday June 9, 2011

Wednesday cleared the Mega Yacht (that’s what I’ve taken to calling her – hahahah) and myself through customs, went for a shower then enjoyed breakfast on a real plate at a table. Ah civilization.

First boat job was a full on boat “desalting” party. That stuff gets everywhere. Late in the day, we bought some sausages, veggies and beer as the Mini fleet had a BBQ for dinner. I fell asleep at 8pm.

Today I’ve got a couple of jobs to do on the Girl to start getting her ready for the race back. First up, climbing the mast and scope out the navigation & masthead lights, anemometer and VHF antenna. Once the mast top is squared away, I’ll check the rest of the gear. Time to strip the winches down. They’re practically seized.

Plus there is a very kind man in Newport that is organizing to Fed Ex the spinnakers from Newport where the mini fleet left any spares sails.

Another social tonight. Hope to keep the eyes open past 8pm.

4:03am Finish

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June 8, 2011 posted by admin

Wednesday June 8, 2011

Diane finished at 4:03 this morning. She’s very happy! The word ‘perky’ comes to mind.

She’s off to first breakfast with some of the other skippers.

Sprint To The Finish

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June 8, 2011 posted by admin

10pm Tuesday June 7, 2011

Diane telephoned and reports the afternoon wind was up and down. She changed from genoa to Big Blue (the light reacher) and back again more than a dozen times. Still she’s holding off Jay in USA-415 Tough with the sail inventory discrepancy.

The 10pm position fixes from iBoat Fleet Tracking has Diane 22 miles from the finish, Jay 27 miles from the finish and Philippe on Pogo Loco 50 miles from the finish.

In the afternoon Diane was doing some chart and tide calculations for different finishing times – it’s a narrow channel into St. George’s Sound, Bermuda. The worst of the tide is just after midnight, her earliest arrival time. She may decide to just cross the finish line, drop a hook and enter the harbour at first light.

Five mile difference between Diane & Jay after more than 600 miles. What a close race!

Sailing Along Under Big Blue

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June 7, 2011 posted by admin

12:15pm Tuesday June 7, 2011

Diane has telephoned in to advise she’s got Big Blue, the light wind running spinnaker up and is making 3 knots in very light air. 77 nautical miles is a lot of slow going to the finish.

You might remember back to February 2011 when Diane’s adventures turned out to be a bit hit with certain seafaring friends. Yep the Freighters are back. In an effort to avoid being literally a hit with the freighters, she did a quick jibe to avoid one, with two results. First, being around to telephone, second she also wrapped Big Blue around the forestay several times. Was work to get it un-snarled, then a properly controlled jibe back onto course.

The heavy air spinnaker reaching battle of Sunday afternoon until very late Monday is now complete. Impressive Diane held her position ahead of Jay Sharkey on USA-415 and is currently enjoying an 11 nautical mile lead. Philippe Laville on Pogo Loco is another 20 nautical miles behind. Light air, currents and into the fifth day of singled handed offshore racing, things can still change. Save Christian Reimer on Frogger, who is approaching the finish line and will likely finish early this afternoon.

As always, iBoat Fleet Tracking and any number of marine forecasts make following the race very exciting.

Diane is in great spirits. She’s really in her element, working to keep sailing along ahead of the competition.