January 7, 2010 posted by admin

The Winning Formula For Corporate Partnerships

What We Offer

  • A professionally well managed campaign with the potential 3-5x return on investment.

What makes our campaign unique?

  • Diane and her team have the brains, the savvy and the strength to get the job done.
  • Diane is an optimist who always brings a smile to the table and capitalizes on a positive attitude in any situation. She will bring pride to your name.
  • Diane is unique in that she is the first Canadian woman and third Canadian ever to surpass the gruelling qualifications, gaining entry into this race.
  • Sponsoring Sailing offers you the opportunity to promote your product in a sport that requires tremendous health, physical and mental strength in arduous conditions.
  • Brand affinity with One Girl’s Ocean Challenge has a proven track record of return on investment.  Ask us about our successful sponsorships to date.
  • The pre race qualifying events and the Mini Transat race offer your firm an opportunity to be profiled in the media for their partnership with such a unique brand.

What we need

  • A partner like you who will benefit from international promotion before, during and after the campaign.

One Girl’s Ocean Challenge works for you!

Make a donation through the donate button below, or if you benefit from a tax receipt donate through this Sail Canada pdf donation form.