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Meet Diane           

It was a distance race. Figures! Twenty knots of breeze and the leeward Rail buried in the water. I was four years old. Mom calmly explained that we needed to sit on the weather rail to balance the boat out…. I loved it!

It’s been in my blood ever since. From an infant, lying in the pilot berth of the family cruiser, to teaching sailing in my teen years and later on buying a Thunderbird One Design racer. In 2007 I found single handed racing and now there’s no turning

I run my own business doing marine application upholstery while apprenticing as a small craft marine surveyor completing repairs and installations on any boat you can imagine.

What’s her track record?

  • 1st in division – 2012 Lake Ontario 300 fully crewed J109 Phoenix
  • 1st in division – Bermuda 1 – 2 June 2011
  • 1200 nautical mile solo non stop qualifier through the Bahamas
  • Fastest Mini in the 2010 Lake Ontario 300
  • 1st in Division Bermuda Ocean Race – double handed June 2010
  • 15 years of national and international competition
  • 3 World Championship campaigns
  • 2008 and 2009 Lake Ontario single handed champ
  • 5000 miles of award winning, single handed racing

Demographics of a Sailor

  • 94% of sailors are male and average 55 years of age.

When it comes to sailors, Diane stands out from the crowd!

Sailors hike, backpack, swim, cycle, ski, jog, or play tennis.
They are intelligent active people with active minds and aggressive personalities! Sailors represent
your demographics.


Campaign Chair – Roger Van Vlack     
Roger is the Director of Business Development for a global corporation and has an extensive range of talents that he brings to One Girl’s Ocean Challenge. For fun and excitement, Roger can often be found chairing major regattas on Lake Ontario or campaigning his C&C35 around the Great Lakes.

Email Roger

Sponsorship Marketing and Social Networking    

Kate Driscoll of Lux 9  bring ideas and solutions to the table for fortune 500 companies, excelling campaigns for consumer, lifestyle and technology brands and delivering a return on investment.  Kate puts the zing in our step!

Press Officer – Jump Start Communications , Tory Crowder  
Jump Start Communications specializes in media relations and sports public relations. Tory has proven the value of sponsorship payback in the media and is  once again demonstrating a successful media campaign with One Girl’s Ocean Challenge.

Branding / Marketing – Rapport, Faith Seekings    
Faith has an extensive background in branding and marketing collateral. She developed the professional and compelling branding, logo, print material and website for One Girl’s Ocean Challenge.

Gala Fundraising – Jim Allen    
Jim Allen has been an instrumental player in generating funds for non profit agencies for many years.  Jim brings his talents to the OGOC team focusing in on managing the operations and auction items for our tremendously successful Gala events.

Printing – Allen Lewis Signs
Allen is supplying all of One Girl’s Ocean Challenge print, signage and display materials and equipment.

The Race Team

Sails – UK Halsey, Brian Chapman
Brian has over 3 decades of knowledge in sail making, yacht design and sailing systems to augment the “no stone unturned” approach that this program will need and deserves. Brian has a proven track record in many elite sailing disciplines including that last two Spirit of Canada sailing challenges. Brian will use his extensive resources to further Diane and her dream.

Team Mate and Training  Partner – Nick Sellars    

Nick Sellars has been building sails and racing forever.  His experiences stretch from anything that runs on Lake Ontario to ORMA 60s, and now includes Minis!  Together Nick and I are racing, training and driving this machine as fast as we can.  When Nick’s not on the boat in a double handed event or training with Diane, he can be found at the other end of a satellite phone call working through weather reports and routing data with Diane.

Ground Support and Logistics
Sheila Smith manages the complex logistics that follow this little mini everywhere she goes!  Sheila ensures that we have a place to launch, sleep, eat and a shipping container to get the mini there in.  It’s a significant amount of logistical legwork to manage the physical operations of a campaign and Sheila does it flawlessly!

Weather Routing and Forecasting   
PredictWind has provided us with the weather forecasting and the routing software for all of our upcoming training and racing.  For accurate weather forecasting, check out PredictWind for your next event.

The Boat

Mini 650, a 21′ open class sailboat
Length 6.5 metres – 21’3”
Beam 3 metres – 9’8”
Draft 2 metres – 6’0”
Mast 9.8 metres – 32’5”
Sail Area 111m2 – 1200 square feet
Total Height 12.9 metres – 42’5”
Mini Drawing