Instructors Learning

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March 7, 2019 posted by Diane

March 7, 2019

Up next we have a fantastic bunch of Instructor candidates keen to become OPSC Instructors.  Next week I will join the instructor team in Montreal to facilitate the Instructor Development Program for the Offshore Personal Survival Course here in Canada.  I’m particularly looking forward to facilitating some of this in French.  Its not often I get to teach in French 🙂  Awesome way to ssssttttrreeetttccchhhh my skills!



A Blustery Month

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February 25, 2019 posted by Diane

Feb 25, 2019

Back in January if you were chatting with me at the Toronto Boat Show, I told you how much I was looking forward to a month of teaching in the British Virgin Islands.  The lineup was to be an Intermediate/ICC course first and then three Basic Cruising courses to follow.  All of this in the beautiful BVIs on a Beneteau 41 called Jinty Binty.

IMG_20190126_160554 (800x600)

Well the BVIs and my students from Advantage Boating really lived up to my expectations!  We had four weeks of tacking, gybing, crew overboard drills, tests, turtles, snorkeling at the Indians, wandering through the Baths and fantastic dinners with wonderful people.  The BVIs may have been devastated by hurricane Irma and Maria, but they are really starting to thrive again!

Not only did the teaching live up to my hopes and dreams, but the winds were outstanding!  The BVIs are famous for consistent Easterly tradewinds of 15-20 knots at this time of the year.  The first week was perfect, just as the brochure promised.  The second week was a little light in the winds but we did all the training and still got to our anchorages on time each night to have some fun.  The last two weeks however really packed a punch!  The average winds were 20 knots.  For most, this is the limit for a Basic Cruising course.  We managed with a reefed main just fine.  Then the last week was full of 20-25 knots and gushy punches of rain really living up to the tradewind daytime squalls.  All managed with 2 reefs in the main and a partially furled jib.

Thanks to all my wonderful students for such a great experience and thanks to Advantage Boating in Ottawa for giving me the opportunity!

IMG_20190128_170415 (800x600)


Splicing Seminar Saturday Dec 1, 2018

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November 26, 2018 posted by Diane

November 26, 2018

Splicing Seminar this Saturday December 1, 2018 at the Rigging Shoppe, instructed by yours truly! Come join us and have some fun learning some handy skills! Sign up here

A New Instructor Evaluator

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November 6, 2018 posted by Diane

November 6, 2018

Watch out sailing world, here we come!  This past weekend, three of us in Ontario participated in an Instructor Evaluator training weekend.  Two of us are looking to become evaluators of instructors and one is moving up to a Senior Instructor Evaluator.   The rest of the motley crew in the picture were the facilitators.  I am very much looking forward to this new role of nurturing in new sailing Instructors and guiding them to a level of professionalism that we are all aspiring to.  I will still be out there teaching all the usual lessons and sailing the high seas on crazy adventures…..this is just one more facet of my professional sailor life.

IE Clinic


Women’s Day at the Boat Show

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October 24, 2018 posted by Diane

October 24, 2018

Here it comes! The Toronto International Boat Show and International Women’s Day. Proud to have been asked to speak at the event. Check out the schedule, pick your activities you would like to learn more about and maybe I will see you in my safety seminars!

Diane in Gijón, Spain

Diane in Gijón, Spain

Toys Toys Toys!

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January 13, 2018 posted by Diane

January 13, 2018

Here’s your chance to check out some crazy kit you might have with you sailing.

TIBS ditch bag low res TIBS Raft experience low res

Play the Ditch Bag Game and climb into a liferaft to see what it feels like at the Ontario Sailing Booth in Sailfest.


ABYC Suits Up

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January 13, 2018 posted by Diane

January 13, 2018

Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club was in fine form Thursday night, learning how to inflate,repack and use all of the fancy things inside their inflatable lifejackets.  Part of my traveling road show promoting education and safety with the Offshore Personal Survival Course.  Up next Toronto International Boat Show.  There are various show times throughout the week both at the boathouse and on the stage.  Bring your lifejacket and see you there!


Exxpedition Britain Circumnavigation 2017

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July 22, 2017 posted by Diane

July 22, 2017

Sea DragonExxpedition Round Britain is an all women mission to circumnavigate Great Britain, sampling the waters for plastics and toxins as we go. We have crew from all over the world and our mission starts on August 7, 2017. Follow our adventures here as I Skipper the boat on a one month adventure starting and finishing in Plymouth England.

Flares and Fire Fighting Training!

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December 20, 2016 posted by Diane

December 20, 2016



Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to fire flares, service your lifejacket, cut away your rig, put out fires and much more.  You don’t need to go offshore to benefit from this course…….  Click on the poster to learn more and register.


RORC Transatlantic Complete!

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December 18, 2016 posted by Diane

December 18, 2016

What an amazing trip!  Squalls, drifters, dolphins and NO TRADE WINDS!  What an adventure we had.  It was a great adventure and our crew learned tons along the way.  Thanks RORC for all the excitement.  Click here to read more.

To join us on our next adventure click here to learn more.