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This winter Diane is teaming up with Spartan Ocean Racing Skippering a whirlwind of adventure racing and passages on a Volvo 60.  For more details and to sign up, please contact Spartan Ocean Racing.






Out to the race course, crossing the Lake  or out to the ocean…..go safely.  learn how to prevent things from going sideways and what to do when they do!  Fire off flares, put out fires, practice cutting rigging, get in and out of a liferaft and much much more.  As your instructor, Diane has faced 70+ knot winds, mountainous seas, mast failures, hi-line helicopter lifts, ship to ship transfers and more.  She is both Sail Canada certified and Royal Yachting Association commercially endorsed up to 200 tonnes anywhere in the world.  Diane’s World Sailing two day hands on course is internationally recognized, Sail Canada approved and laced with real life stories of the sea.  Heading out for an afternoon of fun or horizons beyond…make sure you have this course under your belt!

Learn more about the course here

When and where is the next course? Click here for more details and to register with Ontario Sailing?

June 23 and 24, 2018

Have a group that would like a course?  Diane brings her program to you!

For more information, please call Diane at 1-416-878-2677 or email


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International Certificate of Competency…the only ticket you can use to bareboat charter in the Mediterranean and other places around the world.    Hours for this class vary with your existing skill sets.  Lets customize a program for you or your group!  Contact Diane for more details.


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Bring some education to your club, group or organization.  The options are endless!

Basic Coastal Navigation – Learn how to get to your new destination utilizing your charts, passage planning and pilotage skills, without the aid of your GPS.  This course is strongly recommended for Intermediate Cruising and a requirement for Celestial and Advanced.

Intermediate Coastal Navigation – Expand your knowledge and really build the skills for your bareboat charter adventure!

For upcoming navigation courses at Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club, click here.


Basic CruisingIntermediate Cruising or Advanced Cruising – What level are you at?  Just learning, want to step into night sailing and planning short trips, or ready to head off for adventures beyond……  These courses will build you the skills to get there.  Take the theory in the winter and then the afloat portion when you are ready.

Spinnaker Training – You’ve had that spinnaker buried in the locker for years… came with the boat.  You’ve put it up a couple of times and each time it hasn’t quite worked out the way you planned.  Want to figure it out and really fly?  Take spinnaker training!

Learn to Race – That race course is a maze of twists, turns, whistles and flags……let alone the strategies and rules!  Demystify the race course with this introductory program and really start to have fun on the race course.  This course comprises two components….. 12 hours of theory teaching and if you choose, 16 hours on the water in your boat.

VHF Radio with DSC endorsement – This is the Transport Canada approved licence you must have if you ever want to push transmit on your VHF radio.  It’s a 7.5 hour program that allows you to write the test at the end and get your licence to be legal and know how to call for help if you ever need it.

To register contact ABYC 416-698-4498

For more information on any training, please call Diane at 1-416-878-2677 or email


Private Coaching on your boat

Learn to Course Race, Learn to Cruise or Offshore distance racing ….what’s your preference?  

Looking for some lessons or coaching on your boat, give Diane a call to book your private session.

Celestial Navigation – Learn how to navigate by the stars, planets and moon.  Celestial navigation is both a talent and an art that will expand your knowledge and intrigue your mind.  Take the full accredited version at 30 hours or a modified special interest version at 15 hours.

For more information, please call Diane at 1-416-878-2677 or email