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Offshore Racing Program 2024

Offshore Racing Program 2024

Offshore racing spans lakes and oceans.  Its not your average day out on the water.  Anytime you are running the boat for several days you are Offshore and its a whole new world of challenge.  You are going to be at sea for days either solo or fully crewed. Diane’s unique Offshore Racing Program connects with students on three levels.   All three levels of training are delivered by Diane.  For more information on Diane, please have a look at her bio.


Offshore Racing Theory

Cost: $450 per person plus applicable taxes.  Maximum 12 students per course.
Dates:  ORT1 Feb 3, 17,  24, March 2, 9, 2024 from 0900-1200
Location: Zoom
Application deadline:
  Feb 10, 2024.  For enquiries or applications, please email Diane at

Course Description
The first of three installments of programming.  Offshore Racing Theory is delivered through an online classroom live.  You will need access to a computer with video and audio.  Learn about:

  • Safety equipment and Offshore Special Regulations, electronics power supply and spend, galley management and how to eat at sea, weather and onboard weather routing systems, developing the road book, emergencies management & boat performance to name a few.
  • Pre-requisites
    • Previous hands on experience sailing overnight in a race or cruising, while participating in watch rotations.
    • Previous experience day racing
    • Offshore Racing Theory or equivalent skills is a pre requisite to Offshore Racing Training


Offshore Racing Training

Cost:  $789 per person plus applicable taxes.  Maximum 4 students. 
Dates for LO300 Training:  June 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 2024.  Onboard at 0900 off the boat on the last day at 1700.

Dates for Race To Kingston Training:  July 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 2024.  Onboard at 0900 off the boat on the last day at 1700.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2024.  For enquiries or applications, please email Diane at

Location: Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club, unless otherwise arranged for a different location.

Course Description
This is the second installment of training with a 5 day training run onboard Ellementary.  You must provide all of your personal clothing, lifejacket and transport to and from the boat.  Food is provided.  Onboarding and registration payment is facilitated by Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club. 

  • Day 1 develops boat orientation with day sailing then back to the dock for the night.
  • Days 2 through 5 comprise a continuous run racing “against the clock” while skills onboard are developed. Here you will put your theoretical training into practice with:  watch keeping, weather routing with sail plan crossover management just like in a race with time for learning opportunities but without the added layer of being in a race.
  • Pre-requisites
    • Offshore Racing Theory or equivalent as approved by Diane.  


Offshore Racing Race – Lake Ontario 300

Cost: $899 per person plus applicable taxes.  Maximum 4 students per race.
Dates:  Lake Ontario 300.   July 11, 12, 2024 pre race prep days.  July 13, 14, 15, 16 2024
Student application deadline:  June 15, 2024
Location:  Port Credit Yacht Club

Course Description
This is the third installment of your training.  You’ve learned and trained together and now you are going to race together!  There is a maximum number of 4 students for this event.  You must provide all of your personal clothing, lifejacket and transport to and from the boat.  Food is provided.  

  • Pre-requisites
    • Offshore Racing Theory or equivalent as approved by Diane.
    • Offshore Racing Training, or equivalent as approved by Diane.   
    • Emergency First Aid and CPR certificate in date, from any nationally recognized facility including a minimum of 6 hours training.
    • Sea Survival Training as required by the Race Organizer.  Consult with Diane if you do not have sea survival training.  The rules are different for each race.

Offshore Racing Race – Race To Kingston

Cost: $1050 per person plus applicable taxes.  Maximum 4 students per race.
Dates:  Lake Ontario 300.   July 11, 12, 2024 pre race prep days.  August 15, 16, (onboard training) 17, 18, 19,(race to kingston dates, with dinner on the 19th) 20 (day ashore prep for return to Toronto) 21, 22, 23, (continuous passage to Toronto) 2024
Student application deadline:  June 15, 2024
Location:  Mimico Cruising Club

Course Description and Pre requisites are as is for the Lake Ontario 300 noted above.  Please note however that the Race To Kingston is 150 miles and will likely take 2-3 days.  We will also run the boat back to Toronto in a continuous run which will likely be 2-3 days.


This course is a unique model of training developed by Diane.  You will receive a certification of participation upon completion.  


All three levels of the Offshore Racing Program require you to apply by email with your sailing resume.  Make sure your resume highlights any of the pre requisites or equivalent skills.  Students are strongly encouraged to have completed the pre requisites rather than equivalent skills.  Offshore racing is an activity that hosts a variety of skills.  Your experiences although they may be extensive, may not cover the content Diane focuses on and you may be left behind on the learning curve if your previous experiences are not encompassing of the pre requisites.  For all applications you will be interviewed by telephone by Diane to ensure that your experiences are sufficient for the training so that you may gain the greatest benefit from the training.  

Experience Training

Susan Hood Race: 2024 Dates to be announced
Pre training day:  2024  Dates to be announced

Have experience?  Want some more?  Looking for experience overnighting in a controled environment?  This experience training can help you build your resume for entry into the Offshore Racing Program. This is a great way to increase your experience onboard in an overnight capacity.  You will be part of the crew in a watch rotation.  Participation in this training experience requires participation in the pre training day.

Cost: Susan Hood Race $500 plus taxes.   
Email Diane with your resume if you are interested.  


Training On Your Boat

Want to do some Offshore race training on your boat with your team?  Diane would be happy to make a program available to you.  Send her an email to discuss.



OPSC Flyer landscape

Out to the race course, crossing the Lake  or out to the ocean…..go safely.  learn how to prevent things from going sideways and what to do when they do!  Fire off flares, put out fires, practice cutting rigging, get in and out of a liferaft and much much more.  As your instructor, Diane has faced 70+ knot winds, mountainous seas, mast failures, hi-line helicopter lifts, ship to ship transfers and more.  She is both Sail Canada certified and Royal Yachting Association commercially endorsed up to 200 tonnes anywhere in the world.  Diane’s World Sailing two day hands on course is internationally recognized, Sail Canada approved and laced with real life stories of the sea.  Heading out for an afternoon of fun or horizons beyond…make sure you have this course under your belt!

Learn more about the course here

When and where is the next course? Click here for more details and to register with Ontario Sailing.

Have a group that would like a course?  Diane brings her program to you!

For more information, please call Diane at 1-416-878-2677 or email


International Yacht Training Classes logo   

International Certificate of Competency…the only ticket you can use to bareboat charter in the Mediterranean and other places around the world.    Hours for this class vary with your existing skill sets.  Lets customize a program for you or your group!  Contact Diane for more details.


Sail Canada ClassesSail Can logo

Bring some education to your club, group or organization.  The options are endless!

Basic Coastal Navigation – Learn how to get to your new destination utilizing your charts, passage planning and pilotage skills, without the aid of your GPS.  This course is strongly recommended for Intermediate Cruising and a requirement for Celestial and Advanced.

Next Course: Contact Diane for details
Email to register

Intermediate Coastal Navigation – Expand your knowledge and really build the skills for your bareboat charter adventure!

Next Course: Contact Diane for details to register

Celestial Navigation – Learn to navigate by the stars!

For upcoming navigation courses at Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club, click here.
For upcoming navigation courses via The Rigging Shoppe, click here


Radio Operator Certificate Maritime with DSC

Next Course: Contact Diane for details

VHF Radio with DSC endorsement – This is the Transport Canada approved licence you must have if you ever want to push transmit on your VHF radio.  It’s a 7.5 hour program that allows you to write the test at the end and get your licence to be legal and know how to call for help if you ever need it.

Textbook must be picked up or mailed early so you can read it. 
This course does the entire content delivery and the test all in the same day.


Basic CruisingIntermediate Cruising or Advanced Cruising – What level are you at?  Just learning, want to step into night sailing and planning short trips, or ready to head off for adventures beyond……  These courses will build you the skills to get there.  Take the theory in the winter and then the afloat portion when you are ready.

Spinnaker Training – You’ve had that spinnaker buried in the locker for years… came with the boat.  You’ve put it up a couple of times and each time it hasn’t quite worked out the way you planned.  Want to figure it out and really fly?  Take spinnaker training!

Learn to Race – That race course is a maze of twists, turns, whistles and flags……let alone the strategies and rules!  Demystify the race course with this introductory program and really start to have fun on the race course.  This course comprises two components….. 12 hours of theory teaching and if you choose, 16 hours on the water in your boat.


For more information on any training, please call Diane at 1-416-878-2677 or email


Private Coaching on your boat

Learn to Course Race, Learn to Cruise or Offshore distance racing ….what’s your preference?  

Looking for some lessons or coaching on your boat, give Diane a call to book your private session.

For more information, please call Diane at 1-416-878-2677 or email



Seminars are a fun way to spend an afternoon or a morning learning something new.  See all of the upcoming seminars at The Rigging Shoppe instructed by yours truly!  Sign up here