12 More Sleeps to the Bermuda 1-2

May 22, 2011 posted by admin

May 22, 2011
There are only 12 more sleeps to the start of the Bermuda 1-2. It’s shaping up to be a great race. There is a predicted significant meander in the Gulf Stream which will make this a spectacular race from a navigator’s perspective, and there are 4 MINIS in racing 🙂 Nick is coming with me to Newport to launch the boat on Friday the 27th, and then I’ll race single handed to Bermuda. The second leg starts in Bermuda and comes back to Newport starting on the 16th, double handed with Nick onboard. Transponders and trackers will all be engaged so you can not only follow along, but you can spectate the other racers as well and see who’s ahead and behind!


Nick and I got the rig up today with all the new standing rigging. There are a small handful of little things to sort out, but all in all everything looks great. The Rigging Shoppe has really outdone themselves on the rig, and The Store has been fantastic to make sure that we’re up to “code” for our safety gear. Depending on which end of Toronto you are located in, either of these great chandlery shops can make sure you’re outfitted with what you need for the Lake Ontario 300 or anything that’s next on your agenda 🙂
We’re going to do a proper sea trial of the rig tomorrow. Depending on the weather I’ll try to take some pics


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