White-sail Reaching Through The Trench

February 28, 2011 posted by admin

11:30am Monday February 28, 2011

Just got off the phone with Diane. She has about 65nm to go to get through the trench. She is very tired due to the confined sailing and lots of shipping traffic. She hailed a freighter last night and chatted with them for, what sounds like, a loooooong time. She now has a freighter full of fans.

She is taking it easy and white sail reaching as she isn’t racing and needs to preserve the gear and sails. It’s blowing 20kts and the waves are pretty steep. This is probably due to a whole lot of the Atlantic trying to squeeze between the Bahama Bank and Cuba helped along by a winter trade wind.

Speaking of, the weather update is that the wind will ease off and lift (vear) as she heads north after the ditch. She had her second cockpit shower today. But somehow she’s looking forward to a real shower in Miami.

TIm again: looking at Spot Tracker for the latest position report showing some boat maneuvers to avoid freighters, cruise ships and shallows of the Bahama Bank & Cuba. Diane’s back into SailFlow’s forecast area.

11pm Monday Night: the “chart” updated at 10:51pm showing Diane 150nm from finishing at the Miami sea buoy.

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    Go girl! We’ll be sure that there will be plenty of hot water for your real shower when you return to the Coconut Grove Sailing Club in Miami.

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