July 17, 2011 posted by admin

July 16, 2011

In sticking with the plan I headed out into the lake for more breeze.  The wind is light in shore and tonight there should be a good night breeze out in the shipping lanes.  This will also put me in a good position for when the breeze shifts to the south west.  I should be able to get the code 0 up and then a spinnaker as it continues to shift, while the boats on the inside will simply lift to Point Petre.  It’s always tough racing a mini against 35 foot boats on handicap.  It becomes a waterline race.  BUT if I have the wind behind me then I can start to do justice to my handicap number. BTW, OGOC’s PHRF-LO is 117. We’re the second fastest rated boat in our division, and the smallest boat in the race! Crazy!  The wind is still light around 6 knots, and we are doing between 4 and 5 depending on if auto is driving or if I’m driving :-0 Time for coffee and a change into warmer clothes for the night.


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