2011 Mini Transat Race Post Analysis

November 14, 2011 posted by admin

November 14, 2011

What an awesome race. There are great lessons to be learned here. The winners of this year’s Mini Transat race stayed closer to the rhumb line keeping their miles down. They seemed to accelerate as the race moved along, but in fact one could argue that they held their ground while others struggled to keep up the pace. Never ever ever stop pushing your boat as hard as you can! But the most important lesson of all is not a new one. “To finish first… first you must finish”.  A big piece of the puzzle is to make sure that your boat is strong enough to survive whatever happens out there. Mind you there are some things out of our control. Submerged containers and sleeping marine wildlife are a constant fear, but if you have confidence in your boat and your team, then you can fully concentrate on going full throttle all the way down the track! France… here we come!  🙂

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