Christmas for OGOC!

March 19, 2012 posted by admin

March 18, 2012

OGOC is very proud to announce their newest sponsor!  The Canadian dealer of , and will be outfitting our little mini with some of their famous products.
We will be one of the first boats in Canada to use the newest in technology of Wichard’s “soft blocks”.  These soft blocks have no moving parts to break and easily convert from a traditional block to a snatch block….  They also articulate in any direction without requiring a hard shackle.
From Profurl, OGOC will be sporting a NexGen furler on the code 0.  This furler has the unique ability to “bight” into its furling line rather than completely relying on tension to turn it for furling.  You can also slip its furling line on and off the drum if you need to, without disassembling it.
Also, all of the running rigging on OGOC will now be replaced with Cousin Trestec.  Some of our halyards have seen about 20,000 ocean miles and are badly due for replacement.  The technology behind the Cousin-Trestec lines will keep us safe and fast while we complete all of our qualifying miles in France over the next two months.  Keep an eye out for these fantastic products at your local chandlery!

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