40 Miles of Chop and Zero Degrees

February 27, 2013 posted by admin

February 27, 2013
40 miles of sailing 90 degrees true in 20-24 knots of wind!  The hardest part was getting off the dock and getting the boat balanced for the start, and then getting back to the dock!  There were only four boats in total.  I started with a reef in the main and really should have had a reef in the jib as well.  Part way down the first leg I reefed the jib and the boat balanced out a little more.  By the time we turned around the mark to head back I was about .8 of a mile behind the three other guys.  I have a feeling that they got a little gennaker work in on the way back.  My gennaker is blown out and deep and large.  It doesn’t go well at 90 degrees true when it’s blowing 20+.  So I carried my jib barber hauled out as I came back. Plus the temperature only dropped down to about zero degrees…..brrrrrr!  The last task after clearing the finish line was to tack my way up the channel to the harbour.  The tide was on it’s way out causing some great current around the rocks and the fort was blocking the wind on the other side.  After loads of short tacks I was back in with my friend Nikki waiting on the dock to catch my mooring lines as I sailed into my slip.  Unfortunately I forgot to put a memory card in my GoPro, so no pictures this time.  I’ll get it sorted out for this weekend.  We’re going to try to get the three boats out for an overnight run.

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  1. Cinthia Says:

    Wow I am excited for you! Go Diane Go! what an amazing journey on this dream of making this race and in the future the next Vendée Globe! How amazing would that BE!
    Keep on rocking Diane you are the BEST!

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