Women’s Day at the Boat Show

October 24, 2018 posted by Diane

October 24, 2018

Here it comes! The Toronto International Boat Show and International Women’s Day. Proud to have been asked to speak at the event. Check out the schedule, pick your activities you would like to learn more about and maybe I will see you in my safety seminars!

Diane in Gijón, Spain

Diane in Gijón, Spain


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  1. Patricia Warner Says:

    Hi Diane,
    I attended the Women’s day at the Toronto Boat Show and was in your talk on safety (Everything YOU want to know). We had a great discussion on man overboard, THANK YOU.
    I am trying to find a list of about 30 things I should be able to do on the boat. I received it at the boat show and now cant find it. If it is something you distributed and it is easy to email out, I would appreciate it.
    We flew in from Connecticut to attend the seminar, and it was great.
    Thanks again and good luck on your adventure!

  2. Diane Says:

    Glad you got some good stuff out of it! Sorry I didn’t have the list of thirty things.

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