49nm To Finish

March 2, 2011 posted by admin

6:30pm Tuesday March 1, 2011

Paul had a very brief sat-phone call with Diane at 6:30pm. She’s down to only 49 nm of sailing to get to the Miami Sea Buoy to complete this solo circumnavigation. She is excited. The contagious kind. Speaking with Paul, he is pumped too.

As always there is and the interactive “chart” which has been re-focused on the sprint to the finish.

View 1,000 Mile Qualifying Run – February 2011 in a larger map

2 Responses to “49nm To Finish”

  1. Karen Brown Says:

    Hang in Diane! almost there.

  2. Kelly Says:

    YEAH DIANE!!!! R u done now ?? It is 1pm Wed. I missed last nights blog re too busy at work. Shld be sleeping but thats not happening… errr. But CANNOT complain about being tired to you!!!
    I hope u r now on shore celebrating!!
    U ROCK! GO DI GO!!!

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