A Gorgeous Sunday Sail

February 20, 2011 posted by admin

9:30am Sunday February 20th

Tim again passing along a slightly edited update from faithful shore crew Paul: Just got off the phone with Diane and she sounds great. She had a very busy night with about 9 big cruise ships to avoid and some freighter and other boats etc. The problem with cruise ships is that they have so many lights on board that it’s hard to see the nav lights and tell what direction they are headed. They also look like a small town at first when they are a ways off.

Her spirits are high and all seems well. She ran the autopilot all night and is recharging the batteries now so she isn’t using the computer for awhile.

Right now it’s a gorgeous beautiful day and she is having a really good sail and making some good time.

The FIS system is working beutifully and the boat GPS is a huge asset with all kinds of info that Diane hasn’t used before. Currently under full sail with genoa and no reefs. 14 kts apparent, 8 kts true, 1kt of adverse current, 97 nm to Hole in the Wall, high pressure system, will have to tack soon.

There appears to be an area off of Miami where the cruise ships sit in a holding pattern until it is their turn. She had to change course for awhile to avoid this. All of the changes to the boat have worked out well and her new sheet bags and soft shackels are pefect. Just what she needed. She is very happy with her progress and her spirits are high. She sounds pumped.

Follow along on spot tracker.

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