A Mini Tour of Bermuda

June 13, 2011 posted by admin

June 13, 2011

Possibly one of the greatest scooter tours of Bermuda ever experienced!  “Dave’s Scooter Gang” took off from St. George’s and headed for the Dockyard.  Along the way we drove through Tucker’s Town to see how “the other half” live in their fancy gorgeous houses, made our way along the south shore to see some amazing beaches, checked out the Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, drove down part of the Railway Trail, through Somerset with the world’s smallest drawbridge and then in to the Dockyard.  Timing was perfect!  The museum was just closing, and our ferry ride back was an hour away.  The ferry took us back to Hamilton with our scooters packed on the stern and then we zoomed home.  Check out the pics!


A classic roadside view                                                                                     The South Shore Beaches


Gibb’s Lighthouse                                                        The World’s Smallest Drawbridge


The drawbridge is the little tiny block 10″ wide!                    The Dockyard – Launching area

 A small bit of the Naval Dockyard Fort

Today it’s raining like mad and blowing like stink!  Everyone seems to be hauled up in their mighty ships.  I’ll be studying the Gulf Stream and the weather patterns AND planning a nice little road trip for Nick and I either tomorrow or Wednesday.  Nick’s flight gets in tomorrow and then the race back starts on Thursday the 16th!


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