Almost Ready!

July 20, 2013 posted by admin

July 20, 2013
The day before the race start inRimouski!…..

Fortunately the list is getting shorter because we’ve stopped adding more things to the list than we are ticking off of the list!  The rig has been checked, straightened and is good to go.  Purchase systems on the boat have been inspected, increased and re-organized.  Food and safety equipment has been inventoried, sorted and stowed, and as always, a large amount of “stuff” has been evacuated from the boat.  The last two days have not only been filled with boat work, but lots of work with the local press as well.  Our race has been featured on CBC Television here in Rimouski, as well as on CBC Radio.   Last night was followed up with a presentation for the community on One Girl’s Ocean Challenge….that I did in French!
Today is inspection day!  Jean Francois and I are hoping for an early inspection so that if anything is missing, we’ll be able to quickly do a store scramble for it.  So far everything is looking good, but the press is on to get it all finished!

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