Arrived Puerto de Sada

November 8, 2013 posted by admin

Friday November 8, 2013

Diane reports: After a very eventful delivery, I am in Sada. I should be getting my laptop and phone charger sometime today.  I will try to send a more complete blog tonight.

In short…. HUGE seas with massive cross chop, howling winds, stop-over in Cariño.  Problem with my batteries charging as there has been no sunshine for the whole delivery so I have been hand steering. Last night, coming in to Sada, the batteries went down and the lights & pilot stopped working. Good thing I have back-up systems. Will sort out the boat and charging system this afternoon.

Want to find Katrina to see how she is. Her boat is in a million pieces…. literally.

Rumour is that the van with my gear & supplies for crossing the Atlantic, arrived, but I have yet to find it.

Diane 😉

Tim again: my crack about always an adventure sort of under stated things. Here’s another Google “chart” of the delivery from Gijon (green), Katrina’s troubles in Ribadeo (red cross), Diane’s stop-over in Cariño (yellow) and Diane’s arrival in Puerto de Sada (blue). You can interact with this chart directly, or use the link below to open it in a new window.

View OGOC Cariño Stop on Delivery in a larger map

3 Responses to “Arrived Puerto de Sada”

  1. Jean-loup Says:

    Welcome to La Coruna. Wishing you better conditions from now on. Go for it!

  2. cinthia Says:

    I am sorry for Katrina. I am sending you positive energy go Diane go!

  3. Ken Aalders Says:

    On behalf of your fans in the Ottawa Sailing Community, best of luck and safe passage.
    – Ken

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