B 1 – 2 Road Warriors

June 12, 2011 posted by admin

June 12, 2011
The Bermuda 1 -2 gang has been formed and we are slowly making our way across Bermuda spreading our word. Yesterday the scooter gang went trekking through some gorgeous caves. We were at low tide so you  could see huge sections of the stalactites, the famous Bermuda moss that is unique to the island, and some incredible colour formations.  The last stop on the cave walk was to a swimming hole.  The cave was probably about 15 feet deep with sea water and 15 feet of clearance overhead.  They tell me the water was cool and refreshing, but as I left my swim suit in Toronto, I opted to stay hi and dry 🙂


Then after a hearty Swizzle Inn lunch, the gang roared back to St. George’s.  Now there was another scheduled rum front and fish fry to come in early last night, so with a few hours left for work time, I finished splicing the sheets, went up the mast and checked the nav lights, rechecked all the rigging on my way down, and tidied up the mighty ship once again.  Upon my descent I got a round of applause from the peanut gallery on the balcony of the St. George’s Dinghy and Sports Club for a superb pole dance!  I think the bar was open 🙂  Today the road warriors are heading for the dockyards.  When Christian and I went the other day we didn’t have much time, so hopefully this time we’ll get to do a little exploring!  AND, hopefully I’ll be able to resurect my computer long enough to get some pictures posted for you all!

Stay Safe 🙂


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  1. Liz Reid Says:

    Way to go Diane, another successful leg of your journey:>) And only you could take pole dancing to new heights, lol. You stay safe too, Liz

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