Back At Sea, Making 8+ for the Canaries

November 18, 2013 posted by admin

November 18, 2013

OGOC sailing off the dock from Cascais, Portugal after making repairs.

No tow needed, just sailing off the dock after making repairs in Cascais, Portugal - click for a larger image

As foreshadowed in yesterday’s update, a much happier mini has been splashed and Diane has restarted the race, well within the 72 hour limit for technical stops. The local land based AIS tracker is showing Diane at sea making 8.1 knots at 204°T for the Canaries. Expect Mini Transat’s  Fleet Tracking will show her on their next update.

Sail smart. Sail fast!

OGOC in the travel lift during technical stop at Cascais, Portugal

A very happy mini gets splashed back into the race - click for a larger image.

5 Responses to “Back At Sea, Making 8+ for the Canaries”

  1. cinthia Says:

    Yes that is good news! Go Diane go!

  2. Dave Hamburger Says:

    Yea! Go Diane Go!!!
    You’ve got alot of catching up to do.

  3. Jean-yves Says:

    Bon vent et bon courage !!

  4. Valérie Says:

    Bravo Diane !!! Courage, on est là avec toi ! Vas y fonce, Belle route sur l’Atlantique !!!

  5. Cameron Robertson Says:

    Keep charging Diane

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