Busy Days!

February 7, 2013 posted by admin

February 6, 2013
We’ve had a very productive last few days!  First task was to rig the mast.  After finding all of the parts and pieces, spreaders and bolts, the mast was disassembled, then reassembled.  Each section and bolt was thoroughly cleaned and then a new thin layer of TefGel applied.  Here’s the mast ready to go up on Saturday.




The next issue was to load all of the “stuff” out of the boat and into the locker.  Sails, gear, tools…you name it and it got loaded in.  Soon we’ll have an up to date picture of the locker, the hanging loft for the sails and the shelves for all the bits and pieces.










The final task was to mend up the rudder cross arm.  The night before we got hauled out last spring, OGOC was rammed from behind and our rudder cross arm got smashed into three broken sections.

Here’s the beginnings of the repair job.






First step was to mend the damage from the underside.

The next task was to mend the outer end of the shattered section.

Tomorrow I will have the laminated up top side of the rudder arm.

The final task over the last few days was to bail myself out of getting locked out of my van.  The fantastic van has a very frustrating security lock.  In it’s previous life the van was a secure document vehicle requiring a security key at all access points.  With the brilliant help of my Aussie friend Katrina, a boat hook was used to gently reach through the pass through from the cab of the van to reach all the way through the van to the keys.  Thanks to Katrina I was able to sleep safe and sound for another night!  Tomorrow we’re off to training with Lorient Grand Large. The session is all about prepping for offshore racing on a mini!  Should be interesting!

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  1. Elizabeth Reid Says:

    May you have many more good sleeps with the windows open a bit, lol. Be sure to close em on the boat :>) Thanks for the update, love ya, Liz

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