November 12, 2013 posted by admin

November 12, 2013

Well since we’re back on the hurry up and wait program until tomorrow morning, I have one last minute to tell you all about “Cadenote”. Cadenote is the chandlery here at Sada Marina who have been absolute heroes to the mini fleet. Much like the wonderful city of Sada, we have very much landed on them and they have graciously accepted us. They stay open for extended hours at lunch time just to help us out and massively tolerate our inability to speak Spanish. I for one showed up on their door step with google translate looking for a charger and shorepower to get my batteries going. Then after understanding my concerns about my solar panels, they sent the electrician over to me free of charge! If you are ever in Sada Spain, please drop in on Cadenote and enjoy a little apero while you purchase something for your fantastic yacht!


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  1. Paul Reid Says:

    Go Baby Go! Enough relaxation, Its time to conquer the Atlantic. Sail smart and sail fast.

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