Change of Course

May 12, 2013 posted by admin

May 12, 2013

The UK Mini Fastnet Race starts today!  We’ve had a slight change of course.   Rather than going west to east, we’re going east to west……woohoo!  Watch Andrew and I on the Yellow Brick tracker go around Fastnet Rock in 25 knots of upwind bashing!


6 Responses to “Change of Course”

  1. colin brown Says:

    looking good!
    CB 🙂

  2. Dave Hamburger Says:

    I see lots of boats “retiring”…it must be rough out there.
    Stay on course, and best wishes from Canada….sail on!

  3. Dave Hamburger Says:

    More boats retired overnight…plus wind has decreased…hug the shore or go offshore? This is still anyones race!

  4. Dave Hamburger Says:

    Based on the wind forecast…hug the shore, big northwest coming in 12 hours…you will fly!

  5. Dave Hamburger Says:

    The wind is howling out of the NW, you’ve rounded fastnet, and you’ve got a 200 mile sled ride with the wind right over your stern…what a rush…the waves must be huge, and your speed…you must be just skidding along like a motorboat at full throttle…you are in the thick of it now!!! Whoohooo!!!!

  6. Rebecca and Jim Says:

    Just checked Yellow Tracker and 117 NM to the finish … go girl and Andrew. Rebecca and Jim, ABYC Toronto.

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