Clearing Customs & Working on the Girl

June 10, 2011 posted by admin

Thursday June 9, 2011

Wednesday cleared the Mega Yacht (that’s what I’ve taken to calling her – hahahah) and myself through customs, went for a shower then enjoyed breakfast on a real plate at a table. Ah civilization.

First boat job was a full on boat “desalting” party. That stuff gets everywhere. Late in the day, we bought some sausages, veggies and beer as the Mini fleet had a BBQ for dinner. I fell asleep at 8pm.

Today I’ve got a couple of jobs to do on the Girl to start getting her ready for the race back. First up, climbing the mast and scope out the navigation & masthead lights, anemometer and VHF antenna. Once the mast top is squared away, I’ll check the rest of the gear. Time to strip the winches down. They’re practically seized.

Plus there is a very kind man in Newport that is organizing to Fed Ex the spinnakers from Newport where the mini fleet left any spares sails.

Another social tonight. Hope to keep the eyes open past 8pm.

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