Day Two

June 4, 2011 posted by admin

Noon Saturday June 4, 2011

Contrary to the speed reported by iBoat Track, Diane is making 6-7 knots to the south west in 8-9 knots of breeaze. Her objective is to get back in touch with her competition which has wiggled off to the west.

Currently hoisted is Big Blue (code 2). Diane experimented with some double slotting using the Solent jib as a staysail but there wasn’t enough wind.

The Minis are just interested in racing each other. Further, the Minis have agreed to limit sails to those allowed in class racing. The Bermuda 1 2 organizers do not recognize the Minis as sailing under their class rules. The organizers have one, large, mixed PHRF fleet split into five divisions. PHRF does not limit sail inventory. This sail inventory restriction may show the Minis as slow relative to the unrestricted boats in the race.

A large something surfaced in front of her and did a roll. Near miss #1.

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