Earth Shattering Kaboom

July 8, 2013 posted by admin

July 8, 2013
Well this was an interesting finish to the racing weekend….. We went into Sunday in second place, only one point out of first.  We were smoking fast in the first race and on our way up to first.  In the second race we saw one of our competitors have trouble with their headsail and then a second competitor also having difficulties and abandoned.  The wind was around 16 knots.  Then, as we were closing range on our upwind marks…ready to make the turn and run to the finish line….we heard an “earth shattering kaboom”.  In an instant everyone wet into “safety” mode.  Nothing fell down or appeared broken, but the standing rigging had become very very loose.  We took the sails down and abandoned our race for safety.  The rig will get pulled and will receive a full inspection, but in the meantime, it didn’t come crashing down on anyone!  I love this crew and this boat!  Everyone understood and respected the situation.  We’ll come back to conquer again another day.  In the meantime, I’m reminded of Samantha Davies when she got dismasted on Saveol…..Sometimes these things are out of our hands!


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