Entering Raz de Sein – Light Air

May 31, 2012 posted by admin

Thursday May 31, 2012

The MAP Race, (in French) got underway at noon today. The strong no outside communication rule is in effect. Thus no update from Diane directly.

The weather is 3 to 4 knots out of the west. Fleet Tracking is in English. The news feed continues in French announcing the fleet is around the first point of land and into the Raz de Sein. Also found a description of the race and its history in English.

There are 80 Minis entered in the race. The fleet has two division. There are 30 Prototype (one-off, custom) and 50 Series (production) boats. OGOC is a Series boat. At the first rounding, the point into the Rez de Sein, Fleet Tracking shows Diane in 5th place in the Series division.

Took these two screen shots – Diane alone and Diane with the rest of the Series fleet. Click for larger images.

And a shout out to Paul – Woo Hoo! – for picking out One Girls Ocean Challenge on the right, against the dock in yesterday’s Where’s Waldo picture.

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