Exxpedition Water Sampling

August 20, 2016 posted by Diane


August 20, 2016

Exxpedition Great Lakes

Largest simultaneous water sampling ever happened today throughout the entire great lakes and I had the privilege of skippering the lead boat on Lake Ontario!.  Check out what we found…..

plastics trawl

We trawled around Toronto Island and through the inner harbour with this behind us!

plastics tuning

The trawl had to be dragged from 2-3 knots and needed tweaking all along the way.  Not a difficult job…just a hands on job.

plastics bio stuff

Here are the things you would like to find.  Lady bugs, larvae and other little critters.


Here are the things you don’t want to find.  Plastic pieces.  These are good sized ones.  Next the water samples go off to the lab for analysis and we will find out how many micro pieces that are smaller than they eye, but tasty food bits clogging up our ecosystem!


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