Feb 17, 2011 1000 Nautical Miles!

January 21, 2011 posted by admin

January 21, 2011

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The Date is Set!
On Feb 17, 2011 I will set off from Miami to complete a 1000 nautical miles single handed adventure. The course will take me east from Miami out and around the Bahamas as far as Great Inagua and back again. This run is part of the qualifying events that I need to do. The entire trip will be photo documented at each waypoint and videotaped. I am also required to do celestial navigation throughout the trip and submit my fixes along with the rest of the documentation to Class Mini France upon completion. This is the ONLY qualifying event I can complete in North America…..the rest of the class racing will be completed in 2012 in France. Follow along with me in the Bahamas with the spot tracker, and my blogs right from the boat! It’s going to be a great ride 🙂

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