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6:30am Wednesday June 22, 2011

At 6:02am One Girl’s Ocean Challenge crossed the finish of the double handed race back from the Bermuda 1 2. See boat tracking screen capture below. First in division. Well done! Scoring 2 1 in the Bermuda 1 2.

9:30am update:
Diane, Nick and the boat have cleared customs. They’re starving and slightly delirious. They’re off to find some breakfast and nice porcelain. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs would suggest post brekkie plans would focus on a shower and a nap.

11:30am update
Having breakfasted and showered, they’re going to take the boat over to Sail Newport. Then clear up the back of the truck, put out some dry cushions and have a nap in the back. It’s cool and about to rain in Newport. Which are perfect conditions for an afternoon snooze.

Tracking image from 6am showing OGOC 0.2nm from the finish.

6am Approaching the Finish

3 Responses to “Finished”

  1. Tom and John - Bronte Says:

    Diane and Nick,

    Fantastic effort – making Canada proud – outstandingly awesome

    Tom and John

  2. Paul Reid Says:

    WooHoo. Way to go Diane and Nick. I think there’s a “RumFront” approaching.

  3. Drew Robertson Says:

    Nice work Diane. Congratulation on your 2-1 in the 1-2

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