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April 24, 2013 posted by admin

April 24, 2013
Pornichet Select….what a fantastic Race!  Just a quick update for now and I’ll do a proper recap of the whole race tonight, hopefully with some video as well!  We couldn’t have asked for better conditions…other than a little more wind.  This was truly a navigator’s race with critical decisions made on which way to go pending tidal stream.  Boats went from zero to hero with good decisions made.  which became very evident to me as I made my way up the fleet from the back end and then ended up stuck in a hole of no wind in an adverse current taking me away from the course at a little over a knot…while I watched my competition on the outside avoid the current and march forward!  ARGHHH hahahah 🙂  lessons learned.  It was also fantastic to put the winter training to good use and watch the boat run smoothly with no catastrophic failures, enabling me to focus on the race and performance.  Congratulations go to Gwenole in the proto division and Justine in the series division.  Stand by for more details tonight!


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