Finished – Arrived Bermuda Safe & Sound

June 18, 2010 posted by admin

5:22pm Friday June 18

Diane land-line telephoned. I could hear her. We finished about 2pm, landed and… In the background the start of the “pour” was announced and Diane promptly rang off. Nick and Diane are currently splicing the mainbrace.

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  1. Carolyn and Ralph Says:

    Congrats Diane and Nick! Enjoy Bermuda…have a long nap on the beach!

  2. Gordon Burt Says:

    Congrats Diane on a great race – we all were hoping that you’d finish before the 9:00 PM deadline. As you neared Bermuda we could see that finishing on time would not be a problem. E.g. we could see via the noticeable increase in boatspeed that the big kite was doing its job.

    Next steps? Restock food and water and its off for Halifax?

    Take care…


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