First Solo Sail in France

February 20, 2013 posted by admin

February 20, 2013

Went for a gorgeous solo sail!  After doing the training with the coach this weekend, I learned I need to make a few modifications to the boat.  So yesterday’s efforts was to re-engineer the bowsprit and bobstay and today I went out to test drive the modifications.  The bobstay seems a little short, which is fine, as it’s easier to make it longer than shorter.  But, in the process of trying out the gennaker, the stopper line on the luff let go and the gennaker became no longer attached to the NexGen furler at the base!  ARGH!  Oh well, the mission was accomplished to test the equipment and I got a bonus learning opportunity of how to douse a gennaker to weather with all the sheets to leeward!  Fun Times!!!!

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  1. Dave Hamburger Says:

    I wish you had a gopro…so we could all “sail” with you!!!

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