Flotation Volume To Rectify

April 29, 2012 posted by admin

April 29, 2012

Today’s mission is to start to try to rectify a measurement issue on OGOC. The required volume of flotation within minis has been increased. This is purely a safety requirement. Each type of mini has a different amount that must be added to the inside of the boat. OGOC is a Zero, and Zeros require 405litres of flotation. Lombard (the creator of the Zero) has provided a standard set of drawings to help with the calculations. It works out to 203 litres up under the deck in the bow, and 101 litres each in the stern of the quarter berths, up under the deck. To achieve this little task the following needs to be accomplished. The boat must be entirely emptied out. There will be a lot of dust and debris and we can’t risk the equipment getting exposed. Then the hull needs to have the gel removed where the foam will be laminated in. Next each foam board is cut to fit perfectly above the vertical hull stiffeners, and then the whole mess needs to have a layer of biaxial cloth laid up over it to lock it in place structurally. There is one little complication. OGOC has a bilge pump, autopilot drive arm and its computer banks located squarely in the way of the starboard aft flotation. Most minis had to move their drive system to the stern of the boat. This would require an entirely new set up for the autopilot system and simply isn’t in the cards in time for the Fastnet. The bilge pump will have to be relocated forward of the computer banks and all the hoses and electrical for the computers elongated to reach their new positions. Not simple to say the least. The boat needs to leave for the Fastnet in one week. We also need to have a clear weather window for the off.

Class Mini gave us a “pass” on the rule for the Demi-Cle and Pornichet Select race, but they require the changes for the Fastnet. Once I received the drawings from Lombard and was able to spec it out in the boat, I realized the conflict with the pumps, computer and drive arm. So I’ve asked for another pass for the Fastnet. This will allow us to properly rectify the flotation volume for next year’s activities. Right now OGOC is on a pontoon at Pornichet and the work would have to be done outside and in the rain (it seems to rain every day). Humidity is a potential problem and moving the bilge pump and doing the exterior glass work will be very difficult. Not to mention the lack of time to complete the work. The work all has to be done with Epoxy, rather than Polyester. Epoxy takes 24 hours to cure fully, where the polyester will kick off in less than 2 hours.

So today’s mission is to start on the work while I wait to hear from Class Mini if they will let us sail without the additional flotation. Hope for the best but plan for the worst! Cross your fingers!  Here’s the picture of what it all needs to look like.

Zero2011_VolStabAdditionnels_GeneralDrawing For Class Mini


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