Hauling Asymmetrical

June 18, 2010 posted by admin

6:30am Friday June 18

Diane sat-phoned, very briefly before coverage was lost: We had an awesome night. We had our biggest spinnaker, the blue one, up all night. The knot meter was reading 8 knots or better, with peaks of 12, but the GPS…static… crackle… silence: satellite connection was lost.

Tim doing a bit of math: at 11pm last night, they were 103 miles from Bermuda. This morning at 6am, 55 miles out. 48 nautical miles closer to the finish. The overnight average VMG (velocity made good) of 7 kts.

The 7am position update: they made 7 miles in the last hour, with 48 to the finish, and a 9pm time limit. Follow the excitement on the fleet tracker and watch them pull into St. George’s harbour with spot tracker.

2 Responses to “Hauling Asymmetrical”

  1. Freda Kemp Says:

    Wonderful to see so much progress overnight. Great to hear you could get your spinnaker up. Good luck in finishing the race on time. Freda

  2. Liz Reid Says:

    Diane, good to hear you’s are doing well and making some progress:>) You Go Girl!!! Cheerin for ya, love ya, Liz :>)

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