October 18, 2013 posted by admin

October 18, 2013
Ok, I know that I asked for “something to do in Douarnenez that didn’t cost anything”, but I think this is a little extreme.   Night before last someone came into our house and stole a television from the ground floor of the house!  Can you believe it?  So far my adventures in France over the last two years have included a trip to the hospital emerg, living out of a van and now a trip to the  Gendarmerie.

Katrina came along for the adventure of how to file a police report in France and to see if she could spy any good looking policemen.  Nothing quite like a field trip! I think my life is truly complete now! hahahaha! Nevertheless the culprits left behind a box of wine that has gone off for forensics testing!  The police also said that several houses in the neighbourhood have been hit.  We’re not the only ones.

In the meantime, we are still under a code red for starting the race and the best guess is now a week before getting a start.  So, with budgets being tight, we have opted to give up the crew house and find less expensive (otherwise known as free) accommodations.

Living the Dream!  🙂


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  1. Charbonneau Says:

    I’m a friend of Monica Doedens who explain me your problem, Do you always need somewhere to stay before the start. If yes I’ll try to help you, i’m living in france and i’m asking all my friend. If you always looking for a place to stay you can answer me by email with a phone number and if i find i’ll phone you.

  2. admin Says:

    Bonjour Celine
    Merci pour votre aide assistance,mais j’ai un place avec un autre Ministe 🙂 Vouse ete tres gentile!

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