Ghosting Through The Night

June 21, 2011 posted by admin

10am June 21, 2011

Is there a better way to enjoy the solstice than ghosting through a night of light air, under big blue, the light spinnaker?

Diane was pleased to have made 30 miles in the light winds overnight. Especially so having made improvements on the nearby boats from divisions 3 & 4 that were within visual & VHF range. One can make out some of their dipsy doodles on the . (Click on the “track?” toggle control.) Seeing a whale is always cool. And they enjoyed a bit of radio chatter with the other competitors.

This morning the wind is back up to ten knots and they are making good progress along the rhumb line under genoa and main. There are lobster pots about, one of the New England near shore navigation hazards that are quite rare on the Great Lakes.

& James on are back racing towards Newport. They had worked to the west, but are now tracking north. Sorry, no word on their rudder, presumably it is still broken. Speculate that with the worst of the weather having passed, continuing onto Newport makes sense to them.

As at 10am, OGOC has 108nm, USA-415 has 149 and Pogo Loco has 170 nautical miles to go. The wind is forecast to lighten to 4-7 knots and clock later in the day.

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