Hi Ya’ll From Spain!

November 1, 2013 posted by admin

November 1, 2013

Diane advises: I´m safe and sound with no issues here in Gijón, Spain. I´ve had a beer, coffee and eaten a local octopus dish that was very good.

There is one computer here that EVERYONE is using! I´ve managed to get two minutes on it. You´ve probably seen all the updates on the race website. We´ve got a meeting tonight at 5pm to find out what is happening with the race. Five protos made it to La Coruna, which was our original destination.

Part way through the race we were all told to head south to Spain to get protection from the land for the south west winds expected from the storm. I went south and my plan was to then head west to La Coruna (Sada Marina). Shortly after that it was announced that if we didn´t think we would make it to Sada by 9am this morning, that we were to head to Gijón. I figured I would get as close as 40 miles from Sada, but not all the way, so I turned and headed east to Gijón along with the rest of the fleet.

Now the fleet has a complicated situation. If we leave here we have 115 miles to get to Sada to rejoin the 5 protos for the next start. Or if the protos leave Sada and sail downwind here then we have to wait for them as well. Either way it is a complicated decision for the race committee to make. We will find out in half an hour what we are doing and I expect it will be posted on the race website.

For that matter, the rest of the fleet on route here hasn´t arrived yet. Katrina is in the back and still has 50 miles to go to get here and there is very little wind and a HUGE swell. I estimated the swell to be 4 metres and often less than 10 knots of wind.

There has also been a lot of damage to some boats which is a real shame. People have worked very hard to get to this start line and waited a long time at the dock for the start, just to suffer damage and have to turn back. OGOC is fine though, with the exception of needing a little sticky back that peeled off while reefing.

Fingers crossed for a better weather window!!!
Diane 😉

4 Responses to “Hi Ya’ll From Spain!”

  1. Lorne Spence Says:

    Hi Diane,

    All of us at CMC Electronics have been following your progress…Hope everything is going well so far!

    Lorne Spence

  2. John globemasterone Says:

    Hi Diane and team,
    Blowing big time on the bay of quinte today…but compares little to your situation. Good to hear your boat is in good shape…stay safe and good luck.

  3. Dave Hamburger Says:

    Here in Kingston its blowing 50knots today, with 4m swells on lake Ontario…so its not hard to imagine the misery on Biscay.

    On the bright side…Xmas in the caribbean!!!

  4. admin Says:

    Lorne, John & Dave – thanks for checking in. No gear to fix means another night with some great tapas.

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