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June 14, 2010 posted by admin

Tim again. Found two articles about the race starting.

The Capital, being the local Annapolis news had a piece about the start under the headline Belatedly Bermuda Bound.

As well, BERNEWS, Bermuda’s news and culture magazine’s piece used the headline
Maryland To Us: Bermuda Ocean Race underway.

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  1. paul Says:

    Paul here. 11:15am. Diane phones home. She sounds great,her spiriot (spell check here) is high. The plan is still good. the fun meter says 8 knt but ths GPS says 3. Ain’t current a bitch. They’ve seen lots of flyingfish and they have a school (or whatever they’re called)of dolphins escorting them through the stream. The sun is out they are drying out and life as they know it is good. I asume it is still a they,she never did mention Nic. GO BABY GO. Paul R.

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