Raymarine Install Finished

September 15, 2013 posted by admin

September 15, 2013

One massive installation finished!  The new are installed and ready to go.  This was probably the easiest installation I have ever done.  The actual installation of the system only took a bit of time to fish the wires through odd stations on the mini.  Unlike a conventional boat where you have lockers and cabinetry or for that matter a “down below”, OGOC only has self contained sections flooded with flotation foam and a small hole drilled through to pass wiring.  So the real effort was in pulling out the old system, drawing up a schematic of the new system, re configuring the mounting and tying back systems and making sure it was all tidy and won’t get damaged when moving the equipment around in the boat “stacking”.  Every time we tack or change the angle to the wind with the boat, we have to move ALL of the equipment inside the boat to balance it out.  That means that it’s critical to be able to drag stuff from one side of the boat to the other without catching on wiring and damaging the system.

Here’s the new ACU 100 pilot heads.

And the accompanying EV1 Sensor Core tucked right up under the cabin top looking like a little UFO!

And finally, the rest of the wiring throughout the boat.

Culminating with the new P70, i50 and i60 control heads (The i50 is on the other bulkhead).


Can you believe this whole installation went off without a hitch.  When I powered up the system there were no error messages, no inappropriate blips or bleeps or anything!  I am so excited about getting out on the water and trying it out.  First I’ll need to fish new coax in the mast and rig the mast up and hopefully at the end of the week we’ll be in the water for our first training run with the new system.  Good news is that I found the GoPro!

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