Lake Ontario 300

July 16, 2011 posted by admin

July 16, 2011

Today’s the big day!  It’s the start of the Lake Ontario 300 and OGOC and I are in the single handed division starting at 1025 this morning.  You can follow the race below with the tracker on the lo300 website.  🙂  Cross your fingers and hope for wind!  The forecast is light and shifty for the first two days and then the hi should start to move out and a lower pressure will come through.  It’s a tricky low though.  This time of the year on Lake Ontario when lows come through they tend to be fast and furious.  Last year’s low caused a little havoc on the race course, so people are probably paying more attention this year to the low coming through.  It could be a standard low….25-30 knots with shifty gusts lasting half an hour or so, but as we’ve been warned, if there’s a big veer, it’s an indicator of more ferocity behind the low.  The front side of the low will probably have rain but the back side may have big big wind behind it….so pay attention everyone!  Hopefully all the other boats have practiced using their storm sails and are ready for a good pounding.  Murphy’s law will say that if we’re all ready for it then it will just be a harmless low.  Bottom line is this.  To finish first…..first you must finish!  Have fun watching the tracker everyone 🙂  I’ll try to keep you posted throughout the days!

Yesterday was a great day with the booth at the LO300 with our friends at Guarantee Company of North America.  We’ll have the booth again this morning while I get OGOC ready to get off of the dock for the start.  We sold a bunch of T-shirts and told people about Guarantee and about the campaign.  Nice to meet you all yesterday and to see some old friends as well!


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  1. john Globemasterone Says:

    Thanks for the info Diane. I have done several Around Prince Edward County races and it never fails for things to pick up big time as you leave the county and head up toward Duck Island. Watch out for shipping too. This is a great experience even from the armchair. Thanks for sharing. COME ON OGOC….GiV’R !!! GO DIANE

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