Thursday June 2, 2011

It’s getting down to the wire for tomorrow’s start. It’s a bright, sun filled day here in Newport. Some final sail handling checks this morning. I’ll put the on. The transponder for tracking the fleet through the race is on the boat, but not yet activated.

The skipper’s meeting is at 2pm and includes a weather briefing. In the past two days, the gulf stream has changed dramatically. It is now very close to shore, rather than it’s usual position. Expect the weather and stream briefing will be very interesting! The organizing committee has a five page that helps to explain the complexity of the stream and the roll it plays in the race.

Following the skipper’s meeting: a massive offloading of unnecessary gear to the truck. Cushions, spare sails, extra clothing… the works.

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  1. Cinthia Audet Says:

    Dear Diane,

    As we say in French merde!
    Go fast, go with the wind!
    Aquafolia Team

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