Launch Day

February 10, 2013 posted by admin

February 10, 2013
Check out the you tube video of us launching OGOC at the AOS yard in Lorient, France!

The rig is now up and we’ve been moved over to our official slip for the season.  One little problem.  The rudder cross arm that was broken by an unknown assailant just before hauling out last spring…is still broken.  So moving the boat from the pontoon to our slip required a little help from Nikki and Katrina.

Nikki was in charge of “manning” both rudders by hand so that we could steer into the slip while being towed by the RIB.  Katrina fended off as we flung ourselves through the marina, and I had to hold the bow line tight so that we kept in alignment with the RIB.  I think Gildas had quite a laugh from us!

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