Let The Fairing Begin!

December 8, 2011 posted by admin

Dec 7, 2011
Today started out with sanding masks, and air tools.  What could be more exciting!  We got the two main areas of concern on the hull sanded out and then filled in with an epoxy Qcell and Cabosil filler.

Next we moved over to the keel.  There is a crack along the starboard side that runs right along the keel bulb joint.  It’s been a concern as it often weeps water in the summer, so it’s getting wet.  A few good whacks with a chisel and hammer and the great mystery was revealed.  There is a large void in the fairing work at the leading edge of the crack.

The fiberglass and fairing compound was built up nicely over the void, but there was definitely a pocket there to hold water and continue to work that crack.  We cleaned out the crack and the void and tomorrow morning’s job is to emery paper in some epoxy into the steel and then build in some structurally strong cow pie.
Then we’ll glass it over and fair it in.

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