Mission Performance in Wales

March 22, 2015 posted by admin

March 22, 2015
Mission Performance has undertaken a monumental task.  They certainly are more than “team builders”.  This week they are the guiding force behind our motley crew of 12 Round The World Clipper Skippers, molding us into a cohesive team or dare I say family.  Yes that’s right, although we will be pitted against each other in a race of tactics, strategy and crew leadership….we are also becoming an intricate and fully functioning team.

Our learning opportunities are beautifully set in the Welsh Brecon Beacons .  Apparently our learning involves climbing mountains and achieving the highest goals.  So to kick start our learning process we hiked up Sugar Loaf… with fully loaded backpacks.
sugar loaf

Sugar Loaf is a mere 600 meter climb up that tiny peak in the middle. The next leg of the journey included trekking down this side of it and then onward to our cabin.  I’m sure it was a hundred miles, but probably more like 3.  Near the end of our journey we arrived at the local pub for a delicious pint before our walk “up” the road to our home for the next five days.

So with beer in bellies and packs on backs we proceeded in the dark to our fuzzy warm beds.  The walk along the road was lovely.  Then we got to the “driveway”.  Half way up the driveway my calves screamed in pain.  Three quarters of the way up I honestly considered pitching a tent there and calling it a day.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a tent.

This is the infamous driveway.  Here you must note that from the top of the driveway looking down, the driveway drops off out of sight and you can’t even see the road!

Of course crazy sailors can’t just leave it at that.  The next day after some fully engaging activities, the group trekked BACK down the hill to watch the 6 Nations game in the pub, knowing that we had that impressive walk back up again!

This is going to be a fantastic experience being a Clipper Race Skipper.  Not only am I able to do what I love to do, but I’m becoming part of a fantastic and very unique team that I am proud to be a part of.


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