Monday Afternoon – LO300 Race Update

July 19, 2010 posted by admin

4:30pm Monday July 19, 2010

At 4:24pm Diane writes: Well the sun is out.the gear is dry and I’m praying for a lift. I’m a stone’s throw from shore and in thirty feet of water. The gps tells me I’m 12 miles from R2 [Niagara], so pray for that lift! Looks like one more night. I hope there’s enough wind to get in on 😉

Spot Tracker and Kattack Fleet Tracking are following Diane’s progress.

Below is a screen capture of the single handed fleet as of 1:22pm this afternoon. With the tacking, it appears the fleet is working hard to make what progress they can across the south shore.

Screen Capture from Kattack

As of 1:22pm, Kattack fleet tracking shows Diane, burgundy with tail ahead of Nathan, blue with tail as the Single Handed fleet approaches Olcott, NY. I expect the tails represent the prior hour.

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