Moonlit Night

June 24, 2010 posted by admin

8:30pm Wednesday June 23

Diane sat-phoned again: The nearly full moon is up and it looks like a beautiful night of moon light sailing. Been getting a few naps along the way. Want to do more hand steering through the night – both practice and to save battery power. Earlier in the day, I saw a few dolphins and as much as 18 knots of breeze. Currently there is 8-10 knots of wind and I’m beating (sailing into the wind) on port tack.

The real reason I’m calling is, I’m bored. “Are you missing Nick?” Yeah, miss Nick, heck even miss my regular after work crew from the Thunderbird can racing.

Diane has the Spot Tracker but not the instructions. She’s able to send out “OK” signals by manually activating the device. But not yet getting the unit to automatically broadcast tracking reports. Ground support is working on it.

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  1. Freda Kemp Says:

    Yes I have been trying to follow on Spot Tracker and it is a little “spotty”. NOt as good as the race tracking that updated her position every hour. Seems to be big gaps in the update times. Well at least we know she is well and heading home. All the Best Diane for a safe journey home. Freda

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