Morning Has Broken (along with a few other things)

June 20, 2011 posted by admin

8am Monday June 20, 2011

OGOC & Pago Loco are both hugging the rhumb line, with OGOC enjoying a hundred mile lead. The worst of the weather is through, settling down to 20/25 knots out of the north east.

USA-415 broke a rudder. Jay Sharkey & James Price have decided to make for LIttle Creek, VA, thinking the sailing will be easier.

10am Update:
The constant checking and inspecting of gear and the boat really paid off. One of the bolts affixing the gudgeon to the hull had sheared (holds the rudders & tiller to the boat). Into the spare bolts for a replacement. Alas, they had to crack off to relieve the pressure on the rudders. Making for Bermuda at about 7 knots for just under an hour didn’t help their position, but they’re back on track. The bolt is fitted backwards – from the boat out through the fitting. The bolt was a bit long, thus the nut and extra length slightly interferes with the full movement of the rudders. Something for the shipwright back in Newport.

Their gulf stream tactics were spot on. They had worked west to catch a bend in the stream. Nailed it, enjoying about two knots of favourable current through the stream. Then, a knock. And they tack. Tack to find themselves pointed directly at the finish in Newport, on the rhumb line, sailing out of the stream. Yes indeed, the wind gods, impressed with Diane & Nick’s gulf stream routing, rewarded their work with a wind shift, perfect, in every way.

Speaking of, the wind is down to 17/20 knots, they’re making good progress. 6.7 knots under main and genoa. The boat is drying out. The gear is drying out. But the crew, down at deck level, still getting some waves and spray continue to sport that morning-after the night-in-a-washing-machine look.

Less than 200 miles to the finish. Follow along on iBoat fleet tracking.

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  1. Phil Playfair Says:

    Amazing work Diane and Nick. Looking forward to hearing all about it at ABYC.

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