My School Children

October 7, 2013 posted by admin

October 7, 2013
It’s a tradition with the Mini Transat race that each competitor gets connected with a classroom of school children.  I have an exciting group of 16 children who have become part of my inspiration. Today I had the great fortune to meet them in person at the boat in the race village.

They have been using the race and the boat in their studies and came armed with a mountain of well thought out questions.  “What do you eat?  Where do you sleep?  How can you get help if you need it?  Do you swim in the water?  Have you ever hit anything in the water?  And many many more questions.

They also came armed with t-shirts they created.  Mini #655 has been permanently immortalized in a t-shirt like no other!

The final piece of icing on the cake was a wonderful gift from them.  It’s a model of One Girl’s Ocean Challenge that has sturdily been reinforced with wire, tape, brilliant blue marker and some Canadian flags of pride. I have taken a picture of the new craft and will place it in the boat for the race across!

We finished up with a “grand tour” of the inside of the boat, more questions and a heartfelt “bon vent”.  They also created a massive drawing that has been laminated to my mainsail.  When things get rough out there I will look up at my main sail, see their drawing on it and all their warm faces smiling back at me and I will be inspired to push harder and smile through it all!



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  1. Marguerite Pyron Says:

    You look lovely and sunny and happy!

  2. Robert Says:

    How sweet it is to receive such “grande visite” from our little friends.

    They were also lucky to be matched with you!

    The best for your preparation Diane.

    We’ll be following you!

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